Mitsubishi Servo Drive MRJ2S10B

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Product Details
MRJ2S10B DescriptionManufacturer
MR-J2S-10B MRJ2S10B  SERVO AMPLIFIER 100W OUTPUT 1.1AMP 170V 0-360HZMitsubishi
MR-J2S-20B MRJ2S20B  AMP 200W 200V SSCNETMitsubishi
MR-J2S-60B MRJ2S60B  SERVO AMPLIFIER IN:3.2A 3PH 200-230V OUT:3.6A   170VMitsubishi
MR-J2S-70B MRJ2S70B  AMP 750W 200V SSCNETMitsubishi
MR-J2S-100B MRJ2S100B  AMP 1000W 200V SSCNETMitsubishi
MR-J2S-200B MRJ2S200B  SERVO AMPLIFIER 10.5AMP 200/230VAC 50/60HZ 2KWMitsubishi
MR-J2S-350B MRJ2S350B  SERVO AMPLIFIER 16AMP 3PH 200-230VAC 50/60HZ   3.5KWMitsubishi

Control Unit (for motorcycle and marine)


Engine control units are designed to meet the actual engine environment of motorcycle and marine applications for control of fuel injection, ignition timing and other actuators.


  1. Light resin-less structure

  2. Waterproof connector and sealing for water protection

  3. High vibration resistance suitable for motorcycle / marine engines

  4. Aluminum heat sink for light weight, low cost and high heat conductivity

  5. Compact body
    ・Small surface mount devices
    ・Build-up circuit board
    ・ASIC for automotive applications

  6. High functionality
    ・Multi-pin connector (88 pins) to meet future emission regulation
    ・CAN communication with other devices

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