E82EV552K4C200 E82EV552-4C200

RFI filters are used to observe EMC requirements as stated in European standard EN 61800-3. This lays down EMC requirements for electric drive systems in various categories. Category C1 applies in public networks (residential areas). In terms of limit values, category C1 corresponds to class B as laid down in EN 55011. Category C2 applies in industrial premises, but also inresidential areas if deemed appropriate by the user. In terms of limit values, category C2 corresponds to class A as laid down in EN 55011. The 8200 vector with integrated RFI measures satisfies the standard EMC requirements. In the event of more stringent requirements of the noise emission,which cannot be achieved with the RFI measures integrated in the inverter, external filters can be used in the power range of up to 11kW.

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E82EV552K4C200  E82EV552-4C200